Retreat Love

"There are few experiences in life that combine education with rhythm and soul. Rarer still is the experience to find them in distinct and appropriate amounts in a small period of time. The Poetry Retreat did just that and more. To nurture an environment where poets immerse for a few days in cadence, movement, expression and more importantly the courage to write, speak who you truly are in a memorable way, is a remarkable feat. And this is where this goes beyond workshopping—  exploring the power of the community to inspire poetry, then receiving solitude to tap into your own experiences aided by tireless editing, craft discussions and one-on-one sessions with seasoned mentors.


I thank and congratulate Rochelle for creating a space where art is the God and we are not devotees, but creators of that God's mystique. I would recommend both emerging and established poets to engage in this beautiful wilderness guiding the heart and its bleeding ink to find or rediscover its own unique poetic voice. "

- Satya Dash 

​"Where do I begin with the poetry retreat? It gave me more than just an opportunity to create. Co-living with poets for five days at once, where poetry was all we breathed and ate. Interacting with esteemed writers and performers pushed me out of my comfort zone.
I learnt that poetry is bigger than just expressing feelings of one’s own. It’s about looking at the world differently,
it’s about words, but body language too. It’s breaking old patterns, finding new ones, and making art with many words (or few). 


For anyone who is exploring their poetic journey, this experience will be a magical one, with lots to learn about writing and performance, but more so how to do it while having fun!" (Urgh, take me back to Saraya already!)

- Aashika Suresh

​"The Poetry retreat is a place for poets to unfurl their talents and shed their trepidation. I was hesitant at first, sitting through 3 x 3-hour workshops felt daunting, but as soon as the first session started I knew I was at the right place.


The mentors are a hub of wisdom and wisecracks, their energy is compelling and they make you feel right at home. They create a safe space wherein you can explore your creativity and dig deep into yourself. The highlight of the retreat was meeting my amazing fellow poets and bonding with them over our mutual love for poetry (and getting to listen to their stunning pieces).  It was a transformational experience and I feel lucky to have been a part of it. "

- Angel Sharma

"With The Poetry Retreat, Rochelle creates a venue for writers (even if you've just begun writing yesterday) to dive into poetry and hone their craft.  Along the way, you learn to rip your lines apart with the help of stellar workshop facilitators, and really give the poem what you intend to, by finding the right words. This workshop goes beyond just developing your poetry, but instead , delves into aspects of performance. 

Sumana Roy just brought the world to us - connecting meanings of words with the manner in which it's uttered, and implored us to steer into the truth head-on. Shaun pushed our bodies and minds beyond our comfort zones. Rochelle helped us find authentic ways to deliver our stories while carrying our listeners to the beginning of their own journeys.

I came here with so little, and left with so much!

I loved every bit of it!"

- Ninoshka Dsilva